The Love Of Flowers As An Example For People

Dr. Michael LaitmanChyngyz Aitmatov (a Russian and Kyrgyz writer whose works were translated into more than 150 languages): “In one popular science magazine I recently read a story that exotic flowers in Paris suddenly began to die. Those flowers were once exported from Latin America. Meanwhile, there was perfect weather.

“Scientists did not find any reason that could explain what had happened. What did happen? There was extraordinary drought at the homeland of these flowers, and there, the same flowers died …

“What would be the history of humankind, our today’s life, if people, who think themselves ‘the crown of nature,’ could feel each other in the same way and respond to the suffering and joy of another person?!”

My Comment: This is an example of the universal interconnection of Nature. And the mutual sensation of other people’s feelings like one’s own is called love!

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  1. This is a wonderful reference. Where can the original article be found? I’ve tried searching “Chyngyz Aitmatov,” and could not find it.
    Thank you

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