Losing Yourself In Others

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the process of integral games, a new kind of social relationship is practiced. What does it mean to be “integrated in others”?

Answer: It means that I don’t aspire to “enter “into another person, but I seek our integrated, mutual component.

I am interested in the group as an exit from the egoistic feeling of “I” to the altruistic “we,” where my ego gets lost, where I stop thinking about myself, and think about us, where I solve problems only according to our relations.

It is only an exercise and training to create the pre-conditions of these feelings, desires and mutual intellect within me.

During the discussions I am not involved in criticism of others or in analyzing their answers, but in trying to rise above my ego and above my understanding, and grasping everyone as “we,” which means, as if being integrated in everyone, so in this way to create an exit from myself.

It is not their opinion that interests me, but my exit from myself, achieved through practice in working in the group.

I listen to the opinion of everyone in the circle that is composed of ten people and try to connect with each person’s opinion, to grasp it as mine own. And the nine answers, except for my answer on some question, allow me to constantly be outside myself. During my turn, I give an answer according to the other opinions, just adding to them.

In principle, it isn’t important what questions are asked and what answers are given. This technique was designed to begin to feel how a person can rise above himself. I try to accept each opinion as my own, above my own personal opinion, and try to calibrate, to annul my analytical device.

It doesn’t matter what conclusion we arrive at. What is important is that each one of us rises above himself.
From KabTV’s “Integral World” 11/27/12

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