Overcoming Prejudice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Most of humanity relates to Kabbalah with prejudice. How is it possible to correctly build Internet dissemination if a person who enters our site immediately realizes that he is dealing with Kabbalah? It is impossible to hide this from him.

Answer: This is a very sensitive matter. This problem exists with us in the entire world. We are notable for Kabbalah study, and nowhere in the world is that embraced. I don’t know how it’s possible to break the resistance of human thinking.

Even with us in Israel there is great rejection, no acceptance of the wisdom of Kabbalah. If we go forward with integral education, they accept us openly, but the moment that they discover that we are connected to the wisdom of Kabbalah, they immediately refuse and reject us. Serious and educated people suddenly turn completely primitive in that they are certain it is some kind of witchcraft or impure forces. And nothing really helps. They are not able to overcome their fear.

Only time, a demand to the Creator, and our constant efforts will finally give a push forward with this issue. I think that we are lacking the overall effort, continuously and mutually trying to request help to change us from Above, and then the inner force of the Light will create new conditions. When our external efforts and our inner request for help from the Light will break through the ego and will invite in it at least some sparks of targeted longing, then people will no longer have prejudices.
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/9/12, Lesson 7

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