The Need To Form Connections

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn life we are accompanied by two opposite desires: the desire to form new relationships and a desire to free ourselves from connections. Only through other people and close relationships with them does a person reveal himself and the outside world. This is why the environment is so important.

Contact with others early in life is digested by a child and later forms his inner world. These contacts become our foundation, the standard of human interactions. Every new relationship that later emerges on our path of life is built and evaluated based on this standard.

Conclusion: If we did not perceive our surroundings, we also would not perceive ourselves. To perceive oneself and to perceive one´s environment are the same thing. Nature or evolution constantly pushes us toward this. Connections grow and reach a qualitative change—the transition from a linear, egoistic, individual development to its integral and global level.

Meanwhile, we find ourselves connected in a net of connections of everyone with everyone. In addition, we reveal that all of nature, every little element of it, is connected through all types of connections with all elements—to the extent of the infinite and complete formation called Creation.

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