The Biggest Egoist

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs a rule, only people with a high level of egoism study Kabbalah. Other than that, nothing fulfills them. Science, technologies, arts, family relationships, jobs, hobbies of any kind, lots of money…nothing brings them contentment. They are torn apart by one question: What is the meaning of life?

They don’t believe in religion since they have already exceeded this developmental stage and lost the ability to blindly follow any trends. They don’t see any value in this world since they regard everything around them as a regular “animal” existence and nothing more than that.

Naturally, they don’t have a desire to hug everybody, dance, or do any childish things like “sitting in a circle, drinking and eating together, singing songs.” They consider it weird and odd, and they are right.

Their egoism is above average. Thus, they strive to reveal the upper; however, they are forced to behave “immaturely” and childishly. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it.

They join a group that is already in the process of advancement and has more or less revealed and understood the methodology of growth. They enter a group that feels, recognizes and acknowledges (at least studies) the necessity to bond in order to discover the properties of the upper world through the connection among friends. This is because the qualities of the upper realm can only be revealed in unity.
From the Georgia Convention 11/6/12, Lesson 4

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  1. It does not matter that this topic has become the wip used by the opposition. We have to bring truth now and not a day later. Therefore, an urgent appeal to please focus on truth for all. It is almost impossible to connect to those who have only one goal, to protect the status quo no matter what the cost is. Very few people strive for global harmony. To many want to be the chief in charge and make money in the process. May the leader who have the status of maturity and wisdom already wake those causing the barriers up. It is so hard to love humanity into the wake-up. It appears that they only understand through beatings how to wake-up….

    Thank you for sharing your insights Rabbi Laitman. It is so welcome right now….

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