Questions About Listening To Recorded Lessons, Knowledge, And Dissemination

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Recently you said that when you studied with Rabash you would hear the lesson you recorded three times a day. Do you recommend your students do the same if possible?

Answer: At least once.

Question: Also, for those who participate in the workshops, is it be worthwhile to revisit this group action and listen to the recording from the focus group if time permits?

Answer: No.

Question: “Dear Mr Laitman,

After taking several BB courses and reading your blog for more than two years, I have this question:

Why do you always say: “I do not think so…. I think this will not happen…. I think this is not the right way…. I think that the Creator will not accept this….. Among so many thoughts inside you, is there any room left for knowing?”

Answer: Everything comes from the knowledge of Nature, the Creator; this is true knowledge.

Question: Professor, I have doubts. You are a scientist, right?! You follow an empirical path. Is this particular way of disseminating the science of Kabbalah your scientific inquiry? The question itself is wider, but this is its thesis. I’ll accept an answer-thesis.

Answer: What does not match what is said in our sources?

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