Food: Reserves Are Depleted, Are Riots Expected?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Express): “Shop food prices in the UK have risen on average by 37.9 per cent in seven years according to the Office for National Statistics as the demands of an increasingly affluent and growing world population strain supply and as weather increasingly deviates from traditional patterns.

“And the situation for billions of consumers around the world can only get worse. The average price of staple foods is expected to double during the next 20 years due to price spikes following extreme weather events such as this summer’s drought in America which destroyed one sixth of its corn crop.

“We are facing nothing less than the onset of a global food war leading inexorably to riots, geopolitical tensions and global inflation as well as increasing hunger. According to a study published yesterday, pressure on the world’s resources is becoming so great that the situation could trigger warfare.

“With demand for basic commodities such as wheat set to soar during the next two decades, relatively small shocks to supply risk causing sudden price rises and triggering ‘overreactions or even militarised responses’ according to a report by the Chatham House think tank.

“This is no Doomsday scenario but a reality that has already been observed in 2008 when the rising cost of grain, maize, rice and soya triggered riots from Mexico to Indonesia as people found they couldn’t afford these vital items. …

“In fact the relationship between food price increases and civil unrest is so strong that one provocative study published last year claims that the price of food is the single most important factor that seems to trigger riots around the world and that this tipping point is reached when prices cross a certain threshold. … The timing of the Arab uprisings is linked to global food price spikes. …

“Inevitably, the problem will increasingly affect not only Third World countries but also those in the developed world.”

My Comment: There is plenty of food in the world; the problem is in its even distribution! But it is necessary to change people for this. That is, re-education is necessary.

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