The USA Is A Hungry Country

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Infinite Insight): “A global poll of perceived hunger shows that 12% of the world say there was a time during the last 12 months when they did not have enough to eat. Among them are 3% who report acute hunger and say that they often did not have enough to eat. According to the latest findings on felt-Hunger, 88% of the world claims to be free from felt-Hunger.

“If these percentages are projected on a global population of 7 billion persons a shockingly large population numbering approximately 840 million world-wide suffer from felt-Hunger. …

“It was expected that very Rich and Rich group of countries would suffer less from felt-Hunger, compared to the group of low income countries. However the survey finds no such relationship. The level of felt-Hunger in all three groups is almost identical. …

“Only 14 of the 57 countries claimed to be 95% free from felt Hunger. The data show that some countries with very high per capita income score quite low on the index of ‘freedom from felt hunger’. Conversely some of the poorer countries score quite high.

“Tunisia tops the list of countries which despite low income score high on freedom from felt-Hunger. It is followed by Vietnam and Azerbaijan. The national income of all three is less than ten thousand US dollars. Tunisia scores 99%, while Vietnam and Azerbaijan score 96%.

“The United States tops the list of countries which have failed to provide freedom from felt-Hunger despite high national income. Despite its annual per capita of over 45,000 US dollars it scores only 78% on freedom from felt-Hunger, meaning that 22% of its population claims it did not have enough to eat on occasions during the last one year.”

My Comment: This is the state in 2011. But nature will force us to unite, and hunger will also. It influences us together with all the negative effects on our desires: food, sex, family, wealth, fame, and knowledge. These are our main types of desires. All the other desires are included in them. Food (hunger) is the most effective, and perhaps we will soon feel the punishment for disobedience to unity, especially by it.

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