Sensitivity To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I become more sensitive to the Creator?

Answer: I’ve brought this kind of an example many times—that we acquire the sensitivity to a certain phenomenon the moment we start working with it, even if we didn’t have it before. We acquire sensitivity to everything: to stones, trees, or other people. First we don’t pay attention to a person and then we begin to feel him more and more and discover everything in him. This is called: “a habit becomes a second nature.”

So I must aim the work I do with the friends at the Creator. I work on discovering the friends’ attributes, for which I have no need and am not interested in at all, in order to increase my sensitivity to them, by discovering as many attributes as I can. Not the friend’s corporeal nature, but his attitude to the Creator. Then at the point that I am in contact with him and want to be in contact with him, I discover a sensitivity to the Creator.

The Creator Himself doesn’t exist. He is revealed only in our connections. So increasing the sensitivity to the connection with the friends is equal to increasing the sensitivity to the Creator.
From the Georgia Convention 11/6/12, Workshop 2

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