Playing With A Rubber Band

Dr. Michael LaitmanI think that we can already advance to the next level, to a new feeling. The feeling is that I am in the group, in unity, in a mass of friends, and if I feel that I am pushed out, it’s the evil inclination.

Thus the Creator plays with me: He draws me away from the group, as if pulling me like a rubber band so that I will want to return and cry to Him, “What are you doing?!” Leaving the unity each time is more strongly felt in me, and I cry out, “Don’t do that! Bring me back!” As strange as it may seem, such states tie a person to the Creator. It’s in this contrasted action that they allow me to see that He is playing with me through the evil inclination. The Creator told Moses from the beginning, “Come to Pharaoh.”

Now I also feel that I am in the center of the group while he “pulls the rubber band backward,” pulling me out of there. He gives me the right feeling, and I immediately respond and am drawn back. Then once again He pulls me out, and I respond again. The question is how sensitive I am to the pull and to what extent do I resist each time it happens?

We begin to play, and the evil inclination becomes “help against” for me. I learn from His actions as He reveals my evil to me and pulls me out of the circle of friends. Eventually the Creator reveals to me the extent of the center, all of Malchut in different angles and discernments. I play with Him time after time, behaving differently each time. The main thing is that I identify His game in everything that happens. The evil inclination is the force we have to acquire as the basis above which we discover the Creator; where else can we reveal Him?

So every time He pulls me out of the group I am connected to, the exit provides me with new “grounds” for work in which the Creator and I can understand and feel one another like partners in a game. In this game we can be rivals, enemies, or friends. The states and relationships change in a sequence of connections and attachments. We play, and it isn’t just a game, it’s the game of life.

Question: In order to carry on with a game a person needs a certain reward….

Answer: First of all, use envy. If I stop the game, I will lag behind everyone else. This incentive is very clear and simple. It isn’t by chance that it’s said that envy, lust, and honor take a person out of this world. I must be like others. They are more advanced than me, they are in bestowal and I am nothing. Everyone has these simple urges.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/12, Writings of Rabash

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