Europe: Discipline And…Solidarity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management and Chairman of the Open Society): “Originally, the European Union was what psychologists call a ‘fantastic object,’ a desirable goal that inspires people’s imaginations. I saw it as the embodiment of an open society – an association of nation-states that gave up part of their sovereignty for the common good and formed a union dominated by no one nation or nationality.

“The euro crisis, however, has turned the EU into something radically different. Member countries are now divided into two classes – creditors and debtors – with the creditors in charge.

“The only way to reverse the trend is to recapture the spirit of solidarity that animated the European project from the start. My goal is to revive the idea of the EU as an instrument of solidarity, not only of discipline.”

My Comment: How many times have we heard the good wishes and thoughts of financiers! But the idea that solidarity was the soul of the European project from the beginning is beautiful. However, how it was expressed? Was it to deny the Portuguese fishing, the only source of their income, and to make the Lithuanians cancel their dairy industry that fed them, etc. in all countries for the benefit of a few powerful countries? Is that solidarity? That is why we have the crisis!

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