In The Sunset Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we ask an old man whether he would like to be a magician, he would tell you, “I would like to, but I have no desires.”

Answer: Old people lose their desires. They feel repelled by life, they are tired and don’t expect anything from life. Young people are ready for anything, but they don’t have the mind, as it says: “If the youth knew, if the old could.”

This is how we live, and so the main thing is to present a person at the beginning of his life with the option to discover all of providence, then he would know how to behave, what to look for, what to be filled by, and he wouldn’t waste his life, but rather would aspire to enter the next eternal level.

Question: Can we say to an old man, “Come to the integral education group, this is where you will find a desire?”

Answer: Absolutely! But this isn’t the only way we can attract him. We only need to turn to a person with what he actually wants.

If he still has some similar desires, then yes. And if not, if everything is already dead in him, we can just draw him to come, to sit with other elderly folks, to have a tasty roll and a cup of tea. He will see, listen, and pass the time, and he will be pleasantly impressed by being in a certain society. Elderly people should be attracted by what we call old folks interests, but not by high matters.

It should suit a person’s needs. No matter who we turn to, we must first study this group of people and their desires and turn to these desires
From KabTV’s “Talks with Michael Laitman,” 03/10/12 

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