In Anticipation Of The Siberian Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are now undergoing a period of increased internal work in the group, and some of our friends had the impression that in this connection we can significantly reduce our dissemination activity to dedicate ourselves more fully to internal work.

Answer: All our work consists of two opposites. Rabash wrote in his articles that the problem is that we are seemingly cut inside ourselves, divided into internal and external. And the world around us seems divided into internal and external. That is why it is necessary to understand how to be in contact with it.

In this regard, we often devote more time to our internal unity, and then let it go a little and become engaged in dissemination. It all depends on the condition of our surroundings.

Now we are preparing for a big convention in Russia. We hope that hundreds of our friends will participate in it, those who had not even had a direct visual connection with us.

I see this convention as a very important one and that is why the unity that we have to reach there naturally holds all our attention. Thus, while external dissemination is important for us, the internal one is more important.

Thus, we are moving. Like the throbbing of the heart, all our work moves through inhaling-exhaling, and the entire world is in this motion. Compression and expansion alternating with each other, and thus we advance: along the right and left lines. Everything is arranged alternately.

So, do not completely close either of these lines. Sometimes, we just have to move the focus from one part to another, from internal to external and vice versa. So, in any case you shouldn’t panic that we stop external dissemination, and most importantly inner dissemination.

Still, on the eve of the convention, we have to try to prepare for it more, that is, to unite, and try to bring to the convention all those who study with us in various places, especially in the region of Siberia, the Far East, the southern parts of Russia, and adjacent countries.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to stress once again the importance of this congress and to invite all the individuals, all the doubters, and those who communicate in the virtual space in different parts of the endless expanses of Siberia and that region. I hope that they all will find strength, means, and time to meet with us.

There is still a huge mass of people who are somewhere alone, far away from each other, and it is desirable that they attend our conventions at least once. I hope that they have this opportunity. Let them connect, at least with the convention organizers, and even if they are not going to attend, they should write to us so we know where they are. And if suddenly they decide to come after all, we can help them.
From a Virtual Lesson 10/28/12

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