Hurricane Sandy: The Beginning Of Nature Going Rampant

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Sergey Tichonov): “It seems that people have angered nature. Along with the hurricane Sandy and the resulting flood in the United States, there were more than 200 regions in 41 countries worldwide, or about 11% of the inhabited land that experienced natural disasters. But out of all these disasters, the world media prefers to talk only about the American one. Many regions of the world were under extreme weather conditions, but the media somehow see only the American tragedy.

“The situation in the USA is only a small part of natural disturbances at a planetary scale. Storms and floods are happening in several regions at once, killing people, and even in larger quantities than in the USA. According to experts, this happened for the first time in the history of systematic meteorological observations.

“The strongest earthquake in 25 years hit Canada. … As a result of heavy rains, water began to flood Buenos Aires; the city halted public transport. … The lagoon city of Venice, Italy, is under water after a week of rain, with flooded ground-floor stores and apartments. … New Zealand and Burma have experienced the power of a huge tornado, and the Thai Meteorological Service warned of the approaching 8-meter killer waves.

“Sadly, the majority of readers and viewers of the ‘impartial’ international media will not know about these disasters with thousands of victims. I understand when the American CNN shows such a cynical selectivity of information, but even the European TV channels are silent. What happened to the Euronews? Even the Russian information space, devoted to the world news, talks about unfortunate Americans left without light and subway, and the closed New York Stock Exchange …”

My Comment: If we live in an egoistic world, then our media talk about what is closer to them. It is not interesting to talk about what happens at the “bottom” (of the map, globe)… And you, don’t you think so?

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