Detroit: Saving The City

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Atlantic): “Can 30 creative thinkers make a difference to a city in need? A Detroit economic and entrepreneurial development organization called The Collaborative Group is betting on it.

“Devastated by the collapse of the auto industry that fueled the region’s growth, Detroit has fallen into dire straits. The city, which has a poverty rate of 37.6 percent, is the poorest major city in America. Residents are moving out in droves: Detroit’s population has shrunk by a quarter in the past decade.

“The 30 Challenge Detroit Fellows are a mix of recent college graduates, artists, lawyers, urban policy specialists, and other innovators. As Fellows, they’ve received year-long job placements with local host companies from large businesses like Quicken Loans and Chrysler, to startups like ePrize and HiredMyWay. …

“Fellows work at their jobs four days a week. Each Friday, they join together to participate in ‘team challenges’ devised by local nonprofit groups, tackling a new project each month.”

My Comment: This sounds like the anecdote when the patient lying on the operating table before a serious operation asks the surgeon not to forget about the small wound on his leg. The problem is not in one city but in the world economy, in changing people’s attitude towards themselves, society, and the world. Instead of studying Kabbalah’s opinion and its application, humanity wastes time allowing the crisis to damage society more deeply.

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