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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Exile and Redemption”: Hence, I hereby propose to the House of Israel to say to our troubles, “Enough!” and at the very least, make a human calculation regarding these adventures that they have inflicted us time and time again, and here in our country, as well. We wish to start our own policy, as we have no hope of clutching at the ground as a nation as long as we do not accept our holy Torah without any extenuations, to the last condition of the work Lishma, and not for oneself, with any residue of selfishness…

As long as we do not raise our goal above the corporeal life, we will have no corporeal revival because the spiritual and the corporeal in us cannot dwell in one basket, for we are the children of the idea. And even if we are immersed in forty-nine gates of materialism, we will still not give up the idea. Hence, it is the holy purpose of for His name that we need.”

Of course, the Israeli nation can exist only if it is in mutual guarantee. This is the basis and the foundation of our nation by which we will be able to determine the right form of our state since otherwise we will not be able to exist. This cannot be if we don’t have the intention to bestow Lishma (for her name).

Only then will we be able to be prosperous and secure in our state; it all depends on the inner intention, which determines all the other aspects of life. So, Baal HaSulam says that we should not think about a corporeal revival, and, what is more, try to be like all the other nations since we exist on a totally different basis and not according to the principles of the other nations.

The nations of the world live according to the laws of the desire to receive, and so, they know how to arrange their corporeal life in this world. They feel themselves and understand one another. The Israeli nation, however, doesn’t. We must have only a spiritual revival, and if we keep and fulfill our spiritual mission, our corporeal life will work out. We will not need to worry about it since if we attain the spiritual level, there will be such a balance of forces between the corporeal world and the spiritual world that it will determine the level and the form of our corporeal existence.

So, the only thing we need is spirituality: A solution that is as internal as possible. Everything else will work out automatically as the projection of the internality on the externality.

The same thing happens with regard to our entire global Kabbalistic group called “Israel,” which stands for the yearning to the Creator, Yashar El (straight to the Creator). If we want this group to grow and serve as a source of this knowledge by existing as a spiritual superpower, then we first must take care of our inner quality, and in addition, invest our power in dissemination as well.

However, the main thing that determines our success is the connection among us. We must go out into the world and be impressed by it so as not to lose our connection with it, to disseminate the method of Kabbalah and mutual guarantee in it. However, first, it must stem from our concern for unity and connection, for mutual guarantee among us, in order to focus this on bestowal Lishma, which means in order to bring contentment to the upper force.

As for Israel, we must yearn straight to the Creator since it is the internality that determines everything. So, here too, in the land of Israel, we first must worry about attaining the inner force. Once we have it, no one will be able to harm us.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/12

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