A Nation That Has No Rest

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, ” Exile and Redemption”: The Creator will evidently show us that Israel cannot exist in exile, and will find no rest as the rest of the nations that mingled among the nations and found rest, and assimilated in them, until no trace was left of them.

Even without knowing anything about the upper force, we see that there must be a system here that is clearly written. It is as if a long time ago a sage wrote about it in a book and now it all comes true. No matter what the Jewish people do, and wherever they are, fate will always follow them, control them, and bring about the distorted relations with its neighbors, with the world, and with ourselves. It has no rest.

If this nation doesn’t want to see this system with its built-in software and program, which leads it from the beginning to the end, to the goal, then nothing will help us. On the contrary, if we delve into it, it will be clear that this it the Torah of truth. A transition from a corrupt state to a corrected state, Nature itself, by its development, demands this from us, and the wisdom of Kabbalah explains the phases and the states a person goes through on the way and the actions and the Lights that are part of the process. Woe to our nation if we don’t see the truth in this wisdom and don’t use it. Since then it still follows the same path in the same direction, but it advances in curves under a shower of blows, and by that extends time and increases the sufferings.

In fact, the path is clear, and every move has its right time, and if I don’t fulfill it on time, then yesterday’s uncorrected part is added to today’s part and thus doubles the load. This part doesn’t disappear and we will still have to correct it, but under worse conditions, which stem from the lack of yesterday’s correction. If I don’t correct this today, then tomorrow, under the load of the last two days, the conditions will be much worse and I will have to do the work that is three times greater.

Thus I constantly create greater and more difficult external problems, until I am totally surrounded by enemies who want to annihilate me. At home too, things are getting worse and the outside world surrounds us with hatred, so what can we do?

In addition, internally I feel the hardening of the heart. If before my understanding was purer, and I felt things and fulfilled the corrections, today I don’t care about anything, and I am disappointed and empty…

So if I don’t correct the problem in time, it remains and is added to the load on my back, which thus becomes increasingly heavier. This process is diverse, and it takes place everywhere, in different forms, and eventually the crisis expands and affects our health, our finances, the economy, the environment, the family, the education system, our security, and every other aspect of life…
From the 4th part the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/28/12, Exile and Redemption”

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