We Can Do Anything If We Connect

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the Ukraine, there is a high rate of unemployment. Employment centers were set up where conversations with psychologists take place. Would it be possible to give integral education classes in these centers?

Answer: That would be very good. Those kinds of listeners would better grasp the information. You only need the correct preparation and to express the information correctly, saying only what is essential. If the opportunity exists, then you need to prepare for it. In my blog, I write a lot about the unemployed needing not only retraining courses, but also entire universities.

We need to keep these people busy with something. If they sit at home, then violence and other undesirable things will begin to flourish. I am not even talking about divorces and other things. You cannot have both a husband and wife together at home. We must do something. A man shouldn’t sit at home; it ruins him. A woman can, but a man cannot.

Thus, it is essential to organize entire universities for the people so that they will study all the subjects that we learn: free choice, psychology, the ego as the source of evil, and the development of the ego. We have books about these subjects; there are all kinds of games, connection games. And suddenly we will feel that it’s possible.

Besides that, now we are trying, with the cooperation of various organizations that work with this population, to open a connection program, a project for recovery in areas where there are lots of unemployed people who are in a very difficult economic situation. This is to reach this kind of area and propose: “Come, let’s get organized.” We can create together warehouses for excess clothing, household tools, toys, bicycles, and bulk purchased food warehouses, etc. We will be able to buy at wholesale price, which will be much cheaper.

We can come together as consumers of electricity to sign a separate agreement with the company that supplies electricity. We can do everything, if we connect.

We can unite in this area and act. We can dictate our conditions to all of those who gain from us, and in this way everyone can benefit from it.

We can organize extracurricular activities for our children since among us will be volunteers who presently don’t work. They can work as organizers of these activities for the children, etc.

If we connect, then we can find virtually unlimited resources in order to make life easier for ourselves. No one will take care of us; we need to go out to the people with this.

Of course, we need to think about this since in the future it will be necessary. The Creator will put us in such a state that everyone will begin to understand that there is no way out, only through connection will we reach success.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/18/12, Lesson 4

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