Pass To The World Of Infinity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe sum of our gratitude for the past gives us the total vessel (Kli) for the disclosure of the Creator, total sensitivity, power, intensity, suffering, movement forward. Why is gratitude so important? Because in this way a person already has a positive attitude to the Creator, to the Light; he sees It positively, and the Light shines on him as It is ready to shine the Light.

When we give thanks for the past, and everyone makes such an effort connecting with the friends in the group to gain the strength to relate to the past correctly, then we unite and form the common desire to understand and reveal the Creator. This is on the one hand.

On the other hand, this desire is filled with gratitude, awareness, and appreciation of the past because we begin to feel that it was absolutely necessary in order to come to this current state where we start to enter the upper world. Why is this state that we obtain by nullifying the negative past a means to reveal the Creator? Because it gives us absolute confidence that the world is ruled by only one positive force. Thus, we can feel like a baby in its mother’s arms. Nothing else is necessary; everything is in complete order. A baby can smell his mother, and he feels safe in her arms.

Once we reach this state of security and confidence, the world becomes infinite; it simply gives way. A person feels that he is unlimited. Nothing constricts us; we are under no authority, pressure, or constraints, neither conscious nor subconscious! And that is why the upper world is revealed, the total, true universe in which we live which has been compressed to the level, the size, of this world by our constant, alarming, apprehension of something unpleasant, and by lacking the proper characteristic of the Creator who rules and dominates everything. Thus revelation occurs. It is possible to bring yourself to the full revelation of the upper governance only by working on yourself, your past, present, and future. By this, we completely eliminate time, the most limiting factor of our world. Completely! If I think that I am in one constant force that controls everything and keeps everything in an absolutely positive state, then there is no time. What changes? There is no motion or movement, no top, bottom, no coordinates, just one simple space, the world of Infinity.

Of course, we need to grow to this state. I also don’t know what it is yet. But at least, the expansion of the sphere in which we exist by obtaining guarantees, security, the feeling of oneself in the mercy of the quality of bestowal which gives us this movement outwards to the expansion of the sphere.
From the Kharkov Convention “Uniting to Ascend” 8/19/12, Workshop 7

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