Overcoming The Differences In The Family

Dr. Michael LaitmanFirst and foremost, an integral family is a family where the two understand that they have to be one unified whole. They have to rise above their natural differences.

All of us are absolutely different from each other, and we don’t even realize to what degree. When our egoism bursts into flame and we exist in the state of shock, fear, or irritation or in the state of happiness and euphoria, we experience the rise of such inclinations within us that we, possibly, did not even suspect existed.

It follows that we all have to come to some integral interaction despite of all our differences. What is it? In no way do we break a person or change him. We only help him interact with others like in a puzzle where the protuberance and concavity of different parts of the picture allow one to create a connection, a single picture between them. Certainly, here a person needs to have some basics in psychology, in the work with oneself and others, and to understand them and oneself. If we give all of that to the people, they will undoubtedly become different.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 7/8/12

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