Questions About Pornography And Health Concerns

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can a Kabbalist like to watch pornography (gay and straight) if he finds it beautiful to watch people having pleasure, or is it something I should stop doing in order to live a spiritual life and be connected to the Light?

Answer: This will pass by itself, to the degree of feeling the importance of the goal.

Question: I have had health challenges for the last four years, and I’m only 28 years old. Physically I do everything as best as possible in terms of diet and exercise, and I still find myself worse off than people who mistreat their bodies with bad diet and drugs.

Why does this happen to a person who physically looks after themselves when other people who mistreat their bodies don’t go through the same health challenges? What should a person, who does everything to stay healthy and still suffers, do?

Answer: Possibly, you have to change your place of residence, job, and environment.

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Invitation To Malchut’s Wedding

Dr. Michael LaitmanWho wants to rise to the world of Atzilut? You scream: “I do!” But first, you have to show what and how strongly you really do want to. Let’s check whether you are capable or not. There is the Light of Hochma (Wisdom) in the world of Atzilut. What if you would want to steal it again just like the first man (Adam Ha Rishon) did?

Thus there are many filters that check and determine our intentions. We see how difficult it is for us to advance and enter the world of Atzilut. We stand at the opening in the wall and knock on the gate, but it doesn’t open! We knock and scream: “Malchut of the world of Atzilut, why don’t you open the gate for me?” And it answers: “You are not a match for me.” You reply: “But why?!”

It answers, “You think only about yourself, and I want you to think about me. Do you look after me, do you care about doing good for me and filling me? What presents will you bring to me, meaning what will you do for the sake of bestowal? Do you have such an intention? You have not a single thought about me, you think only about yourself. You want to come to me, to a rich bride, in order to steal everything I have and run away back to your world, to your boyfriends and girlfriends. How can I let you enter?”

We find ourselves in such a position…. Thus different systems help us to correct, clean, raise, and free ourselves from all thoughts and desires to steal so as to want to bestow and sacrifice ourselves. With their help, we check ourselves and advance. And Malchut checks us as well in order to finally let us enter as witnesses and guests at its wedding.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/22/2011, TES

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Weekly Torah Portion – 11.30.11

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.30.11

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