Depression In Modern Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Jerry Kennard, “We’re more anxious and depressed than ever before and the situation is worsening rather than getting better. The argument that modern technology would one day protect us from ill-health and distress and open up a world of leisure and, by implication greater happiness, is looking decidedly dated….

“Lead author, Dr. Catriona Morrison, from the University of Leeds, in the UK., found that high internet use is associated with depression. High internet use is frequently associated with gambling, interacting in social communities or viewing sexual content. According to Morrison, ‘the study reinforces the public speculation that over-engaging in websites that serve to replace normal social function might be linked to psychological disorders like depression and addiction.’”

My Comment: We mistakenly think that the Internet can replace communication. This is the very means that pulls us into loneliness and unnoticeably isolates each of us from others to such an extent that we no longer can communicate directly.

This condition will be worsening until the full realization of it as evil, and then, society will understand the need for a good open direct communication. Only it can eliminate depression!

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The Time Has Come To Complete Our History

Dr. Michael LaitmanUntil now, humanity has not written its own history but fit into it instead. However today, in our new stage of development, we will be the ones completing our history. This opportunity is being given to us for the first time after thousands of years of infancy.

Over the entire course of history, man developed under the rule of egoism, the constant growth of which automatically obligated us to search for the means and ways to satisfy our desires. In this way, nature directed our movement by basically stripping us of the freedom of will. Man did not change himself consciously; rather, nature changed him according to its program.

From our point of view, it appeared as though we changed the environment according to our requests whenever needed, but now the time has come for man to change and correspond to nature. Scientists are beginning to agree with this.

In general, what is “nature” which we have tried to conquer in vain for so long?

When a mother leaves the nursery, leaving her baby to play with his toys, does the baby feel free? Yes. He really enjoys his time alone and doesn’t understand that she is watching him with her attentive and loving eyes. He senses that he is free.

This is how “nature,” the system of governance where we exist, is concealed from us as well. It begets our sensation of freedom, although in reality freedom simply does not exist. This illusion was specifically planned by evolution so that we would develop freely in our egoism, using and following our desires as much as our nature, qualities, and possibilities would allow us.

And we thought this was good, that we could and should develop this way. Social relationships and technologies changed; we constantly changed things, hurried somewhere following the command of our essence, our growing egoistic desires. At the same time, we wanted even greater power over nature. Man did not think about what he was doing; he simply acted on his desires.

When nature gives us certain desires, we can only work within their boundaries. We cannot go beyond them. Food, sex, family, knowledge, fame, money, and power, every person has his own combination of these desires and realizes them accordingly. Nature moves us gradually from the inside, “from behind.” The impulses it awakens in us in combination with the surrounding environment determine everything.

Essentially, I represent an administrative mechanism. Desires awaken within me, certain circumstances happen, but I am limited by my morals, my physical and mental abilities, as well as the norms of my environment, and the common laws of a global nature. In the end, I merely try to realize my desires as much as possible under conditions that were not set up by me. Thus, it turns out that I am no more than an administrative mechanism. The desires and conditions are predetermined, and all this pushes me towards self-realization.

This was our path: Man’s mistakes, his good and bad actions, all of these were necessary and unavoidable in the previous stages of development until the current time. Against his will, man received innate properties and found himself in a particular environment without a choice.

And still, he did not think that all this was predetermined. Like a child, he was simply playing and feeling free due to his mother’s absence, while she simply slipped away from his field of vision.
From the Talk about a New Book 7/18/2011

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Direct Channel Of Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, The Study of the Ten Sefirot, Part 1,“Table of Answers for the Meaning of the Words,” Question 47: What is Kav (line)? Kav indicates a discernment of up and down that was not there before. It also designates a much frailer He’arah (emanation) than before.

“A line” is a feeling of constraint. I feel lesser than someone who is above me. Besides, a line is the restriction of my receiving, according to “size” and “weight.” That is, I am limited by two conditions: the qualitative height of the degree I am at and its quantitative value that I can uncover and accept.

It’s a feeling that above me, there is another whole staircase, higher degrees and more exalted properties. On the other hand, I feel that I do not receive infinitely on every side, but am limited and can communicate with the Creator only in the form of a direct channel, a tube extending from the top down, which is called a “line.”

In other words, we should visualize not a geometric line, but rather the restrictions that the desire to enjoy experiences. All the concepts have to be translated into feelings. But there is no emotion in the shape of a line. A line is an agreed upon signal of what feeling I am supposed to evoke in myself.

Suppose I work at a factory or in an organization. And in my position on the job and in the place that I am in, I am under the whole hierarchy of chiefs more essential than I. And so, I feel beneath them in properties. Moreover, there is a difference in their ability to act or get all sorts of benefits and salary (fulfillment) at work, meaning that relative to them, I am limited in quantitative terms. Therefore, I feel vertical restriction, depending on the height (from upward to downward), as well as a quantitative restriction in this very place (horizontally).

A line indicates a discernment of up and down that was not there before. That is, I feel what it is to be “above” ​​because I have “recollections” of them, the informational data (Reshimot). And so, I can compare it with my current state. I understand the difference between the line above and my position which I currently feel. This yields a restriction on height, that is, with respect to the Creator and compared with His properties.

It also designates a much frailer emanation than before. After all, previously, he was receiving with no limitations at the top (the head) of the line, whereas now, at its end or in the middle, he is restricted in reception.

These are two totally different experiences. The feeling that you are at the bottom of the line is due to the lack of adhesion with the Creator. A sense of how small my ability to receive is due to the lack of the ability to bestow. This means that one limitation is qualitative and the other quantitative.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/7/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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Kabbalists On Spiritual Work In The Group, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

Obtaining the Greatness of the Creator through the Environment

There is one point we should work on—appreciation of spirituality.
The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “The Agenda of the Assembly

“Make for yourself a rav (teacher) and buy for yourself a friend.” This means that one should create an environment for oneself that would help him obtain the greatness of his rav so that…bestowal upon one’s rav will become reception and give one energy to act for the sake of the Creator. An individual alone cannot do a thing about it whatsoever.
Baal HaSulam, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar

We can receive delight from bestowal only to the extent that we appreciate bestowal. Hence, only the greatness of the Creator will give us strength to bestow. …Hence, he should seek out like-minded people, who are also seeking to enhance the importance of any contact with the Creator, to receive assistance from them, perform acts of bestowal, and sense the Creator.
– The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “The Agenda of the Assembly”

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