We Are Drawn Into A Whirlpool Of Recession

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Andrey Kobyakov, Professor of Economics at Moscow State University and co-author of The Decline of the Dollar Empire and the End of Pax Americana with Mikhail Khazin, globoscope.ru): “This crisis is not going to be restricted, and already is not restricted to the financial sphere. Today, we possess a lot of figures and data indicating that it has seriously affected the real economy as well….

“Unlike the crises of overproduction, described by Karl Marx and other classical authors, the modern crisis emerges in 90% of the cases in the financial sphere, extending later to the real economy. Today, we live in an inverted economic reality. In the system analyzed and described by Marx, the real economy served as the basis of the socio-economic formation, while the financial sphere carried out the function of servicing it. But this design has subsequently changed….the financial excrescence has become self-sufficient….

“We are now facing a temptation to accelerate scientific research and industrial revival by military technologies as well. Some authors believe that military industrial corporations deliberately start wars in order to write off obsolete weaponry and get contracts for new technologies.”

My comment: Kabbalah doesn’t deny that a new world can emerge by means of a war. It does, however, send a warning that it will be impossible to localize a war since any war will escalate into a global one.

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