The Inner Revolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe revelation of the Kabbalistic method to the world presupposes that four conditions are met:

Condition #1: That the method of correction is not handed to one person, but to a whole nation.

Today, more and more people are realizing that it’s necessary to change oneself and to enter balance with nature. In the past we thought that we are above nature and our egoism is intended to control it, but now we understand how destructive this is for us.

This sensation is surfacing in the masses by virtue of the fact that we satisfy the first condition of Kabbalah’s revelation, where 600,000 people, “600,000 souls” are studying the method of spiritual correction. This is a conditional concept symbolizing a gathering of people who are able to reach a special connection between them, called “mutual guarantee.”

Condition #2: The nation has to come out of the Egyptian slavery, meaning to realize the evil of its own egoism.

Condition #3:
Every one of the 600,000 has to agree to work for the sake of bestowal.

Condition #4: Every one has to be willing to carry out any action that will bring him to a connection with others.

Mutual guarantee is care about filling each other’s desires. All human plans have to aspire to this. We have to carry out a revolution inside of us. The world has everything to ensure a favorable existence for the inhabitants of the planet, but there is one thing missing – a common thought that’s aimed at this. If we aspire to this internally, then the abundance will become accessible to all.

Everything depends on our interconnection. The tighter the interconnection is between us, the more intense is the action of the upper Light, which will order the state of the lower levels of the universe. As soon as a group of 600,000 people agrees to the condition of mutual guarantee, interconnection, and love, it will immediately receive enormous support from above.

The only thing required of us is to desire to restore the interconnection and the intention to work for bestowal. Precisely the intention, and not technological progress, will cause a revolution in the world. We will gradually reach a state where the newest technologies will be created and controlled by thought, meaning with intention and a desire that is corrected by the intention.

Every person’s obligation is to care for all of humanity. The whole world is included in the system of mutual guarantee, but first of all, this has to be done by those who have the understanding and desire to rise to the higher level and to reveal the Creator among them. The group desire will smoothly flow over into the world’s desire.

A person will gradually change his attitude to himself, to society, and to nature, and will receive satisfaction from being in the system of the common interconnection. He will be “nourished” by the upper Light, which fills him and delights him.

That is how we will shift to the economics of intelligent consumption because we will be satisfied only by the vital necessities. By beginning to work by the principle “everything is for everyone,” we will reach the state of mutual guarantee. And the inner changes in man will entail the reconstruction of the whole world.
From the virtual lesson on 7/17/11

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