Do Not Sleep Your Life Away

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that if a person comes to the lesson without a request, he is neglecting the Torah. Usually, I come to the lesson without much desire, and I want to sleep—unless I get a very strong impression from the friends. What should I do?

Answer: Try to avoid such states at the lesson. First of all, it weakens the others. You are among them, but you do not contribute either to the external, material action, or to the internal, the spiritual force. Not only do you not participate with everybody else, but you rob everybody because in spirituality, a thief is one who does not contribute from himself. Friends should be evaluated according to this principle.

Of course, we are ready to accept you in any condition. Rather than staying at home, it’s better to come to the lesson and sleep. You know that I do not wake up anybody, even if I see that a person is sleeping. In any case, you should persevere. This is the effort. Have another cup of coffee or do something else to wake up.

I, too, experienced such states while studying with Rabash in the group. Then, I decided that I would record everything that Rabash said since from my days as a student, I was used to taking lecture notes at the university. Thus, I was always writing and organizing texts at the lessons. Besides that, I prepared coffee or tea for Rabash and recorded all his lessons on a tape recorder.

In short, I took care to stay alert all the time with the help of different actions. Otherwise, I too would have fallen asleep. And although I love science, one is not connected to the other. Therefore, you have to invent various tricks.

However, you should understand that your internal participation influences the group and that to the extent of your connection with it, you reveal what is written in The Zohar. After all, it tells what happens between us, only on different levels.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/18/2011, The Zohar

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  1. Thanks for mentioning this. It’s tough to stay awake for deep thinking things and be aware, even when we are sleepy. If it helps anyone else to know in the group, because I cannot be there, I watch the videos each day and take notes on my computer so I can go back and review states I was in and see my progress or see something differently to understand it. Maybe if people brought notebooks to write in everyday like a journal, like I do, it would help. I like that different people stood up to try and answer questions, because I like to see where everyone is in their progress and where they are coming from. It helps me to understand, in comparison where I am at too. Thanks for the lectures!

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