The Collapse Of Globalization

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Chris Hedges, “The Collapse of Globalization): The crisis signifies the collapse of globalization. “We must embrace, and embrace rapidly, a radical new ethic of simplicity and rigorous protection of our ecosystem—especially the climate—or we will all be holding on to life by our fingertips. We must rebuild radical socialist movements that demand that the resources of the state and the nation provide for the welfare of all citizens and the heavy hand of state power be employed to prohibit the plunder by the corporate power elite. We must view the corporate capitalists who have seized control of our money, our food, our energy, our education, our press, our health care system and our governance as mortal enemies to be vanquished.”

Hedges criticizes the media and celebrities for advertizing an ego-centric way of life, calling it “self-promotion” (‘the cult of the self).” He claims that ” until we awake from our collective self-delusion, until we carry out sustained acts of civil disobedience against the corporate state…we will continue to be rocketed toward a global catastrophe.”

My comment: The author,lacking the insight to see that Nature has its own laws and there is no movement backwards, urges moving backwards—this is death. Instead, we must understand the principles of our evolution and clarify what we can change in this movement. And this is where we should direct all our efforts towards.

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