Solving The Inflation Problem

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Vladimir Rozhanovskiy, Financial Analysis Department, Nord-Capital Managing Company, “The situation in Britain is becoming increasingly similar to the economic mess in the United States…. The main difference is that they cannot, as in the US, ‘print’ reserve currency. Therefore, any timid attempts to purchase distressed bonds inevitably attract a surge of inflation due to the growth of money supply. In other words, while the United States basically exports inflation by increasing the might of its printing machine, Britain is forced to accept it. There is no and can’t be any single solution to the problem.”

My comment: The United States cannot resolve the problem either. This problem can be solved only by working together with the entire international community, cooperatively, on equal terms, for the benefit of all, as one organism. The world has become a single organism. Until this is understood, they won’t find a solution.

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