Europe Is Facing A New Challenge

Editorial in the news, By A. Rar, member of the German Economic Council: The terrorist attack in Norway will force us to think about the situation. Politicians are helpless. They don’t know what to do and are clinging to their liberal ideas. The West is fighting for democracy in Libya, naively supposing that it is possible to give Arabs a liberal model. In Europe people are fighting to save the Euro, believing that it can continue making everyone happy. This is the weakness of Europe’s politics.

This is scary because the European Union is a political alliance that was barely and laboriously established, but which brought peace and stability to Europe, and its problems have to be solved. But I don’t see any way to solve them.

Europe was always sure that it had built a good liberal model that has no alternative. Every person can do whatever he wishes as long as he doesn’t break the law. Therefore, no one paid attention when immigrants starting creating their own culture and building mosques. But when the mosques started appearing in every city, people began to feel uncomfortable. There are more and more immigrants who do not speak the language of the country. Without knowing the language or having an education, they cannot get a job, and therefore increasingly more criminals appear. This evokes protest from the titular nations.

This is a problem in Russian as well: It has lost its empire. Immigrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus consider Moscow their capital, the way it was during the Soviet Union. And it’s the same in Europe: Third-generation Arabs living in France consider Europe their homeland, and they can travel anywhere they want. The Europeans have difficulty grasping the concept that they have to tolerate the fact that the population grows on account of the immigrants. And that’s because they have chosen such a comfortable life for themselves where they don’t have children or have only one child, and that the immigrants will be changing the culture of Europe.

The European authorities have suddenly realized this but don’t know what to do. It’s impossible to kick anyone out of Europe. These people came here a long time ago, they have passports of these countries, they are part of Europe and part of the new European culture. Is it possible to assimilate them, to turn them into Europeans, and to connect our traditions?

After the terrorist attack in Norway, the most pressing task is not to fight rightist terrorism, Nazis, or fascists, but to fight the causes of such attacks, meaning to eliminate the motives for rightist and extremist terrorism.

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  1. What were motives of the Nazis when they were eliminating jews? Are these causes eliminated by now or still exist?

    Thank you,
    Inga Bergman

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