Recognizing Darkness In The Black Point

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe giving of the Torah, the method of correction, is impossible without the mutual guarantee, which represents a model, the implementation of this method. You reveal the Torah, work with it, and realize this teaching only in the mutual guarantee.

Today, reading Baal HaSulam’s article “The Mutual Guarantee,” we try to find more and more ways to realize the goal of creation. We are in the egoistic desire and must convert it into the form of bestowal. Instead of remaining in egoism which assumes the form of the augmented desire to receive, we have to realize the evil of this form.

The realization of evil can come through troubles or through the mind. A combined variation is also possible. This depends on how much we can engage our mind to increase the awareness of evil without waiting for troubles. Trouble simply extends time and brings us to wars and casualties by the path of suffering, through really tragic conditions.

One way or the other, we must realize evil in full, meaning to become aware that we are in egoism, the receiving desire, and that everyone only seeks his own advantage to the detriment of fellow men. If we do not realize this now, imagine how much more we will have to work on the realization of evil alone.

How many additional blows do I have to experience to see and realize that all my desires are egoistic? They are egoistic to such an extent that I consider no one, including my relatives, close ones, and children.

This is an awful state. It is written in the Scriptures: “The hands of compassionate women have boiled their own children.” That is what the recognition of evil comes to. We do not know what it is.

In order not to go to extremes, to save time, and be saved from great suffering, we can use the science of Kabbalah, the Light that Reforms, and the work in the group. That is why this tool was given to us. And then, in a combination of suffering and the Light that Reforms, we will realize evil sooner.

We need nothing except this awareness. Baal HaSulam writes about this in his article “The Essence of Kabbalah and Its Purpose.” Why did we receive it? We received it to accelerate our realization of evil. If I use its power correctly at every given opportunity, I will be able to conduct this analysis and draw conclusions, even if I have to go through some sufferings to advance to the state of analysis.

Baal HaSulam writes that we live at the time of the Messiah and therefore, considering opportunities available to us, we need to go ahead, start acting. Everything depends on us, on the degree in which we draw the Light that Reforms.

However, first it has to bring us the recognition of evil. And getting acquainted with our own ego is unpleasant. We need the support of the environment and studying; we have to become stronger internally to bear this ego being revealed to us. The key is that it is being revealed, and through this, I will without doubt move towards the goal. If I reject the revelation of ego because it is unpleasant to me, it will come to me through “the back door” and bring me really tragic conditions.

Humanity can advance along a beautiful path, experiencing very little evil. From a drop of poison, from a tiny bit of evil, I will build a huge structure of analysis. I see how this evil prevents me from connecting with friends in the group. If I fully use a small portion of evil, I need nothing else. One black point is enough, and I already understand what it means.

We achieve all this only by the force of mutual guarantee, when we want to build a system of mutual bestowal together, to unite as one man with one heart, and thus help each other. In this case, we recognize evil.

Now, imagine that the world recognizes a bit of evil today. Look at the developments: revolutions, demonstrations, and riots. Day by day, the situation is getting worse and drawing closer to Israel. No other country is under such external pressure. Yet, the internal pressure will soon be apparent as well.

Therefore, we must understand that the mutual guarantee, unity, and analysis leading to the realization of evil are a matter of life and death for us. We need nothing else but the recognition of evil because to the extent of your awareness of it, you want to rid yourself of it and no longer forget about the Light that Reforms. You are like a seriously ill person thinks about a remedy that can save him. The realization of evil prevents you from using it and pushes you to find the correct application.

If today countries and all kind of organizations recognized evil, they would turn the world into the Garden of Eden right away. Why would they create the silly things that they do today? The current world events make it clear that we are approaching critical states.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/2011, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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