Questions About A Spouse, The Barrier, And Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I have a question regarding my husband. We are both very serious about our work, and my husband occasionally reaches a point of complete frustration, great sorrow, worry, and even “anger” about the world’s condition, about everything he feels within and without, as if he feels the weight of all the worlds on his shoulders and he needs to find a solution to all the “chaos.”

Is there anything that I can do as a wife to ease the work, to help him feel balanced or more at peace, and to possibly attain the understanding of his responsibility?

Answer: A wife can calm and stabilize her husband better than anyone else. He has to more deeply examine the perception of the world and the governance of the single force. We perceive the world only within ourselves, in our qualities. In other words, to the extent of our corruption, we perceive the world instead of the Creator. If you correct yourself, you will feel the world of Infinity in the Creator’s appearance before you.

Question: If someone crosses the barrier, is there a point where he must move to be physically close to a group, and if he is not, will he do harm to himself?

Answer: The barrier is the boundary between you and your friends.

Question: I know that facing the evil inclination inside of me is part of the way of the truth, on the way of correction. I also know that by facing the evil inclination, the Creator wants to show me that I am opposite to Him and that I am still far away from the quality of bestowal.

But isn’t it enough to see that I am evil? Why does the evil grow to such a monster that it seems to control everything? I feel like I am evil as never before in my life, and I am hurting a lot of people around me.

Answer: These are your desires that are being revealed to you to the extent that you have strength to manage and correct them.

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  1. There is no end to their darkness nor their light, a bottomless pit, and an open sky.

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