Leave The Bones To The Dogs

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar, Chapter “Truma (Donation),” Item 487: There is an allegory about a king who made a meal for his household. As long as they do his will, they eat at the meal with the king and give the part of the bones for the dogs to chew on. When his household do not do the king’s will, he gives the entire meal to the dogs and the bones to his household.

Question: What is this food that everyone eats at the king’s table?

Answer: “Food” means that you receive pleasure from bestowing. And you have to receive these pleasures also for the sake of bestowal.

This is talking about an attitude, a sensation, actions in desires. The “dogs” inside of me are sitting beneath the “table” inside of me where I feel the “tastes of the king.”

What are the “tastes of the king”? What is “the king’s table”? These are all the pleasures that become revealed from bestowal, which the king desires to bestow. He enjoys by giving. And he wishes for you to also enjoy giving to others.

Then, if you bestow and enjoy it, the whole question is: What is giving you pleasure? Are you enjoying the fact that you are similar to the king? Are you enjoying this because He receives pleasure from your equivalence to Him? Or are you enjoying it because you have gotten your hands on some pleasure? If so, then you immediately transform from a person who sits at the table across from a king into a dog who chews bones under the table.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/11/11, The Zohar

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  1. Great allegory! The pleasure I have comes from having similar qualities to the Creator. And, giving to the higher purpose or collective soul. When you have a choice to change yourself to be in adhesion, you wouldn’t want to lower yourself spiritually by just seeking to get pleasure from it. Otherwise, that is giving to get something back, which ruins the whole goal.

  2. Shalom rav vHaverim,

    Reaching the friends, Yitro, and the length and the width, those lines here and there ,the exclusion or inclusion of the letters in samech, the world. From one shin to another but always in some shin not even succeding to go out. We went through Yov but did not study Balaam. I suspect it is a dangerous study. The klippa of Moshe? Those, Balaam, Yov, Yitro they are converted spies, releasing info on Pharao. Precise.
    The table of the master, the place of the friends. samech. Is the length, the will for the next world and the width, the will of the current state? From above -down and vice-versa andr from right-left and vice versa? A dosage of action with respect to MA and MI?
    Where “I” is and what “I” will, given what is given?
    HaKol tuv

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