A New Book: The Development Of Man From 0 To 20

The Development Of Man From 0 To 20 My new book The Development of Man From 0 to 20 has been published in Russian. The book is a part of “The Method of Integral Education” series and is based on my conversations with child psychologists.

From the annotation to the book: “Children are our future. They will be the masters in the world of tomorrow, and we will not be able to change anything, but today their development largely depends on us.

The book The Development of Man from 0 to 20 traces the growth of a human being, beginning with prenatal development and concluding with the age of 20, the moment of entry into adulthood. The book demonstrates an unusual and very interesting approach to questions of education and the perception of the surrounding world.

It is about the laws of nature, which we must respect, whether we like it or not, in order not to harm ourselves. It all depends on how well we know these laws and their consequences.”

The book is currently being translated into English.

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  1. Great! I can’t wait to read it.

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