Who Produces The Next Degree

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can women include themselves in the common desire during the convention? What should they do?

Answer: They should do the same as the men. I do not understand why women always separate themselves. When you tell them that they are like everyone else, it doesn’t make them happy.

A man procures actively, just like in our world. He is a hunter. He works on an active connection, coming out of himself, becoming closer with others, while a woman stands behind him and takes a more passive role.

However, everything a man procures then passes through a woman. A new degree is produced in the woman both for her and the man due to the fact that whatever the man attains goes through her. This happens in the exact same way that they, together, produce the new generation in our world. It is the woman who continues the development, the human race.

Question: My husband and I study Kabbalah. My husband attended the conventions, but now he is proposing that I go. Should I use this opportunity or send my husband instead?

Answer: Of course, it is best to send your husband to the convention because a man attracts the Light, while a woman receives and realizes it. This is why between the two of you, your husband’s presence at the convention is more important.
From the Virtual Lesson, Fundamentals of Kabbalah 5/29/2011

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  1. What are the rules of conduct for a single woman who is attending a conference? I have never been and wanted to prepare myself before I go., Thank you for your consideration in answering my question.

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