What Hides Behind The Illusion Of Progress

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: This is what happened to the Germans who had been thought to have been one of the most civilized nations and who, overnight, became a nation of savages, the most horrible of the primitive societies that ever existed in the world. Moreover, Hitler was chosen by the majority.

We are dealing with the question about human society: How do we progress? It seems that from generation to generation, we become more advanced. But in what sense are we more developed? Is it science and technology or social structure? Or, perhaps, we evolve in our human values? The latter is specifically incorrect.

Egoism increases over the course of all of history; however, we don’t reform it, and as it accumulates, we are getting worse. Instead of the true correction, we coat and cover our egoism so that it wouldn’t get out of hand and bother us while we live. Otherwise, we would simply eat one another up. Essentially, from generation to generation, we become increasingly skilled at concealing our ego, while hatred still keeps growing.

We have an opportunity to “scamper around,” hide behind the telephones, computers, and all other kinds of screens, and it helps. Everybody has a room or even an apartment; everyone drives their own car, not picking anybody up; people don’t get married and break their blood ties. In short, we erect a shield, a curtain, between the outbreaks of human egoism and, thereby, continue to live as if everything is alright.

It escapes us, but the services that we develop in the modern society are destined to free the space for everybody to live in order to prevent a confrontation with others. State and medical insurance, retirement plans, vacations are all the examples of our attempts to give a person more and more opportunity to feel independent from the society and isolate himself from another’s ego. We strive to allow and teach everybody to stay inside himself and not come out for the rest of his life.

As a result, our nature doesn’t get corrected, and this is why it has become a lot more ruthless than it used to be in the previous millennia. We simply learned to keep it tucked away, and hence, we are caught in the illusion that our civilization is still progressing.

In reality, however, it isn’t so difficult to awaken our egoism, to show our evil in the most vivid way. After all, it is raging within, and all one needs to do is open the valve—it will pour out like a flood.

Moreover, it will pour out to such an extent that man will be ready to do anything, without any empathy, since he doesn’t feel the others under his ego’s shell. He will kill, slaughter children and adults, families, and entire nations. He will sort people out for himself: He is a black, she is a white; he is a Jew, she is a gypsy, and so on. One can invent thousands of criteria or reasons to kill: the elderly have already lived their lives, those infants are born defective, and so forth.

In other words, without any regret or remorse, but rather proudly and in cold blood, man will do to others whatever he wants because he does not feel that they are humans as well, who have the right to exist like he does. We are not talking about Germans, but about all of us, while we remain uncorrected. If our egoistic desire awakens in the open, we will all become like this. It happened to Germans precisely because they were the most advanced, while today it can be any other nation.

Many nations have already sufficiently evolved for Nazism to manifest through them naturally and easily. They will feel no shame doing anything at all and will act according to the same calculations that the Germans had used to extinguish the Jews and other peoples. Today, the majority of the world is prepared for it. If we don’t reform our egoism, the tiniest excuse, a smallest spark, is going to be enough, and people will actualize their ego by the book: mercilessly, methodically, and accurately. They will come and destroy.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/2011 on Holocaust Memorial Day

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