The Danger Has Not Passed

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, The Writings of the Last Generation: There is no hope at all that the Nazis will die off when the allies win because tomorrow the Anglo-Saxons will embrace Nazism, since they are also in the world of democracy and Nazism.

No developed nation can avoid a Nazi regime unless we prevent this disease by taking a powerful remedy, unless egoism, which is integrally locked onto itself, is reformed. Why is Nazism, especially fascism, so attractive? “Fascio” in Italian means a bond, unity. This is the answer to why people gravitate to being one whole. Therefore, it specifically threatens the developed nations. Their ego is growing, and they are starting to feel the need to unite since it is programmed in nature.

But their actions are based on the forces of egoism: People give up personal gains and become a unified nation. They want to be totally equal, if not in terms of possessions, then at least in terms of general solidarity. Peasant and prime minister alike, they share the national pride which they place above all other peoples.

This is, in fact, a type of “national unity” that our development is asking for, a response to the demand of the time, which doesn’t include correction of egoism. In other words, fascism is the answer to nature’s calling for unity. The calling itself is clear; it feels timely and right, and in order to get stronger, people start looking at other nations with disdain. In their eyes, the other nations are far from, don’t understand or feel, and are not ready for this calling.

This is where all dictators, who bring a nation together, all Nazis, and fascists come from. Essentially, they answer a certain question. And hence, the danger is still hanging over us. It has not yet passed for humanity, and the events of the 20th century were a mere “demonstration” of what can still be. Fascism and Nazism are still threatening us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/2/2011 on Holocaust Memorial Day

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