The Whole World Is With You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If in the spiritual world the entire reality is within me, it means that I’m the only thing that exists. This is scary to me since no one wants to be alone in the world.

Answer: Don’t worry, we’re inside of you! In the spiritual world I discover that the entire creation is inside of me, but this doesn’t prevent others from feeling the same because every single person consists of everyone.

This is why I am called Adam (man), similar (Domeh) to the Creator, and that’s how you and all our friends feel. If you start receiving the forces of connection as your own, you start perceiving your friends as integral parts of you. This is much bigger than your present state because it is specifically now that you’re alone: You are surrounded by egoists who are absolutely indifferent to you.

And with our spiritual advancement and mutual inclusion into each other, everyone feels that the whole world filled by the Creator is with them. The Creator has to fill the gaps between us so that we become as one whole in our thoughts, desires, and intentions. Then you’re not alone!
From the lesson on Weekly Torah Portion 11/12/2010

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