Who Owns The Screen?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe screen (Masach) cannot be owned individually. On what will my personal screen be built, on the impressions of the corporeal world? The key is a desire (or lack thereof) to unite with those similar to me.

The screen is built on unity; it covers the breaking between me and the others. The connecting screen forms over this abyss of rejection and hate.

When we discover the breaking, we must “patch” it. How do we do that? The Light descends and corrects the gap which is this hate between us. All spiritual egoism (at the degree of Adam, man) that resulted from the breaking of the collective soul exists solely between us. As to my individual egoism, it is egoism at the animate degree.

The screen is laid over our broken state: The hate remains beneath it, and the intention rules above it. At first, it is bestowal for the sake of bestowal, or our unwillingness to exercise hate based on the directive, “That which you hate, do not do to your friend.” Then, we construct the second screen, or love for others as for the self. All of this takes place between us.
From the Talk on 7/24/2011

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