One Thought

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe need to stay focused on one thought: unity between us. We are learning everything from nature since there is nothing artificial in Kabbalah. Kabbalists are research physicists of the upper world. They revealed its laws and tell us what’s happening to us.

They reveal that in the spiritual world we are all connected, only not through physical bodies but through inner connections. In this material world each one of us has a spark of this connection, a small desire for spirituality.

Each person’s desire for spirituality is placed within his ego, and for this reason it’s called “the point in the heart.” This point is surrounded by the dark egoistic heart, and hence I don’t feel that my spark wants to connect to any other sparks.

If we could see into the spiritual world, the spiritual degrees, we would discover that all of our sparks are connected together and become one general Kli or desire. On an even higher spiritual degree, these sparks are even more connected, and instead of the Light of Nefesh, the soul is filled with the Light of Ruach. On an even higher degree, they are connected even more, and therefore attain the Light of Neshama, and so on.

There is nothing but the connection of these sparks that already exist in us! This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah addresses them in particular. Our thoughts should be focused only on how to connect our desires for spirituality. If we succeed even to a small extent, we will reach the revelation of the Creator to His creatures.

You must understand that those escaping from Egypt were no better than us. This is an escape from egoism, from Pharaoh, in the darkness and uncertainty, together with women, children, the elderly, and the slaves. This is our state exactly, and there is no such person who isn’t right for this. This is possible achieve.

Everything depends only on our efforts. After all, the only free action we can make is to get inspired by the environment.

I’m responsible for my environment. Only I can awaken it, not the Creator. If we develop a desire to connect to everyone and receive the influence of the environment, it would do the job! “We shall do and we shall hear”!
From Lesson 1, World Kabbalah Convention 11/09/10

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