The New Babylon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is our message to the American people?

Answer: It’s to reveal the truth as soon as possible: Where we actually are and how we can save the situation. I repeat that everything depends on you. I wish good guides for the American people, and you are these guides.

Question: America holds a special place. Is this because it is the new Babylon?

Answer: Yes, but it is no longer the same place that America held some twenty years ago. Today, the entire globe is Babylon. Before, America was the gathering place for a multitude of nations and cultures, and this is why it was a special place. Today, everyone is connected with one another. The entire world has become Babylon.

It is amazing that sages wrote thousands of years ago that this would happen. I did not believe it when Rabash spoke about this. I simply smiled at him. However, it has been twenty years, and we have suddenly found ourselves connected and dependent on one another.

The laws of nature are invariable. We will benefit if we manage to explain this to people and understand that there is no other choice.
From Lesson 7, WE! Convention 4/3/2011

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