A Lot of Suffering, Only One Reason

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I teach in medical school and I see the pain of the people around me. How can I ease this pain?

Answer: All types of suffering only come from the fact that we are not in balance with the common force of nature; we are not in a state of mutual bestowal. Every person receives blows according to the root of his soul and the general state of his place in the common system.

Some people feel neither the blows nor the crisis. It seems to pass them by. Others live in constant fear.

People are different: Some reach spiritual corrections and elevate their souls, while others live in the present moment without thinking about the future. Every person lives according to the level of their development. It’s only now that a large mass of people is beginning to come to correction.

There is one cause of suffering: disparity with the common force of nature. This is why the solution is to become like it. Only one law exists: equivalence of form.
From Lesson 7, WE! Convention 4/3/2011

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