Crossing The Egyptian Border

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can I do if I have a great desire to unify with the friends, but no matter how hard I am trying to do so, I am unable to stay in it for more than five minutes and get carried away by all kinds of irrelevant thoughts?

Answer: You need to transfer yourself from one thought to the other, over and over again. What can you do if our work is done in small steps, like children who grow little by little, day by day. But a child does work, all day long, in order to advance. It constantly tests the environment and itself: How well it can fit into and employ it, how to develop in order to take the most advantage of the environment.

But we don’t do the same. Each second we don’t examine how we should use our environment, what the best way is to connect to it. We don’t wish to unify and test ourselves: Do we bestow to the environment? Can you really do it each moment like a child does? And that’s where our problem lies; it is the reason why our progress is so slow.

Nothing is halting us. We received all the instruments; everything is written down for us; everything is explained; and all we need to do is jump on it altogether and just do it! And then anyone, even if he is in the farthest corner of the Earth, will also feel he can’t do otherwise.

Only the common inner effort of the entire world group will awaken every heart. No one has any other chances to keep on the path, to immediately wake up and keep moving forth. This is regarded as the mutual guarantee, when all guarantee to everyone that he will quickly wake up and reach the good state.

Egypt isn’t that necessary if we are passing through it together. The Creator arranges everything so that we can bear this turmoil which is regarded as the “pain of love” when I dream about meeting with someone I love, and yearn for Him, for this anticipated encounter that lies ahead.

And I naturally suffer since I haven’t yet come to that meeting and we haven’t reunited, but I already live looking forward to it, in the illuminated anticipation of the future. The only difficulty on this path is lack of unity between us. Beyond it, there is nothing else.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/21/2011, Beit Shaar HaKavanot

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