The Importance Of The Daily Kabbalah Lesson

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person can’t advance in spirituality without participating in our daily lessons. Those who can’t watch the entire session can watch one of its parts.

There are people who prefer the first part of the lesson that includes Rabash’s articles and the second one on The Book of Zohar. Some like the third part of the lesson on The Study of the Ten Sefirot. The fourth part is general, where we analyze world issues, education, and all the rest. Each of you should pick the most suitable parts, although I recommend switching them at times.

Perhaps, it’s difficult for you to attend the entire three hours of the lesson which includes all four parts. But today, there is such a wide assortment of communication devices that you can record lessons or listen to them on the radio. Our Internet site is constantly updated. You can also wear headphones and listen to the lesson all the time, and then you will definitely advance much faster.

But at any rate, it is vital to get connected to the daily lesson (at least part of it). It is said: “If you abandon Me for a day, I will abandon you for two.” A person who skips one day of studies gets disconnected from the spiritual source twice as much. This is the law in the spiritual world regarded as “measure against measure.” So, beware!

But the most reliable means is an MP3 player or other similar devices, with the help of which you can stay connected to us all the time.
From Lesson 5, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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