Dissemination Is Like Giving Birth In Spirituality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: My question pertains to dissemination. At school, I talk with my classmates about Kabbalah. There is an impression that they are interested in it, which creates a certain contact between us, but as soon as they go home, the contemptuous attitude of their families and environment toward Kabbalah spoils everything. How do we get those families to see the importance of the goal?

Answer: I am not sure since I never dealt with this. After all, we are talking about love of friends and love of others not with the outsiders, but with those who have already joined us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches that we must spread it passively, forcing no one into it. I need to provide a person with certain information: Why the world is suffering, what the cause of it is, where we are heading toward, and why crises occur.

We also try to explain to him that all of it is happening due to nature’s program so as to demonstrate to us that egoistic evolution on the rising exponential curve has reached its final point and now we are headed for the downfall. This means that we will feel pain and problems (possibly serious ones) since our egoistic development has ended, and we need to rise above the ego.

This is the kind of information that we need to spread in the world. But if I start talking with people about it, it will take many hours to explain things to them until they comprehend it. This is why we spread the wisdom of Kabbalah in a passive way, via books or the Internet, and those who become interested in it and feel that it meets a certain need in them will find us.

We are in the field of the upper force, in the field of Light. And if a person does have an inclination for a personal correction and sort of gravitates to unification, to spirituality, which equates to love of others, bestowal to the Creator, he or she will find our sources. There is absolutely no need to come to them, apply pressure, and start huge propaganda.

You may talk with friends about Kabbalah, which is not prohibited at all. But if you see that afterward they immediately forget or lose interest in it, or if they quickly change their mind, even if they initially agreed with something, all of this is a sign that this wisdom most likely isn’t for them.

If I were in your place, I would give them a book to read that would, in your opinion, suit them best. Collect a small library at home. I suggest everyone does the same.

All those who study Kabbalah must have a complete collection of our books. Additionally, keep three or five books most suitable for beginners and lend them to others to read one by one, and after they are done, get them back. And then you will see if they do show any interest or not.

A book has a unique power. And even though I usually read and work with a text on a computer, I still keep a book in front of me. It has a spiritual root, which a computer does not.

But what I really appreciate in this young man and praise him for is his desire to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah. He is so great! And we should follow his example.

Each of you should check what you can do in dissemination since the more you spread the wisdom of Kabblah, the more internally enriched you become. And in correspondence with how many people receive the knowledge of the spiritual world or spiritual fulfillment through you, the same degree of spiritual fulfillment will pass through you as well. It is as though you give birth to them, and they become your children afterward, which stimulates your growth.

And a person who didn’t bring anyone closer to the wisdom of Kabblah and didn’t impact anyone spiritually in this world is similar to someone who never gave life to anyone and has no continuation. Each of us must become a disseminator.
From Lesson 5, WE! Convention 4/2/2011

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