Spiritual Therapy For The Masses: Session One

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we begin to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah to the masses so that people would understand that they need to “take after the individual,” or in other words, the Creator. Until now we have been doing dissemination for those who have the point in the heart. We appealed to the people whose spiritual desire has woken up. They felt an internal response and came to us, joining the groups and forming new ones. If the point in a person’s heart has “hatched” in one degree or another, he or she is with us.

As far as I see and feel, today there are millions of such points in the hearts. For instance, during my last visit in Toronto, while meeting with laymen, I would discover that they know about us and even watch our Internet TV.

Yet, they are still individuals and not the masses. Where the latter are concerned, there are several billion of them in the world. How do we reach out to them then? We can appeal only to their “stomach,” their material desire. We mustn’t talk to them about the Creator and the higher purpose. “Creator?” they’ll say. “Very good, give Him to us.”

Such is the desire of man, and he doesn’t understand anything else. So, we talk with the masses about the global crisis, education, health care, ecology, the causes of natural disasters, about why the world has become so unpredictable, and what will happen tomorrow. We appeal to their desires that demand to be sure and filled.

Moreover, we don’t discuss the wisdom of Kabbalah, but rather a system, an approach, a method, that can save us. What is it all about? It is about unity that brings people to harmony with nature. For us, nature and the Creator are one and the same, but the masses don’t wish to know this. For them, anything above this world is mysticism, and they need a rational approach.

Nature is global and integral, we say, and it has a program. It has been developing us until now and continues to do so further. In what direction? It leads us to becoming global and integral as it is. What must we do then? Only unite. We have to join together; all humanity must become one whole. Let’s get to work; let’s start uniting and merging into oneness.

At this point, we are arriving at the moment that Baal HaSulam describes when talking about Marx’ views and the failure of socialism in Russia. Having started to unite, we will feel that to actualize the plan, we also need the inner, primordial force of nature: the upper force. And then we will demand it to reveal to us our unity that we are unable to achieve.

For now, we talk to the masses about Kabbalah without using this word and limit ourselves to a scientific approach and the explanation of the world’s current predicament. We discuss the causes and effects of the present events so as to prepare the remedy for the illness in advance. It will be the first “dose,” the first remedy of the complex treatment, which at the initial stage will allow people to understand what to expect. With the help of this, they will begin to move forth, gaining new understanding and sensation every step of the way.

We bring the person to the goal in stages since to achieve it, he needs to do away with his present state. And this is hard.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2011, “The Freedom”

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Kabbalah Insights – Sandglass

There’s No Time To Be Depressed!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe convention in America has just ended and now we must already start preparing for the next convention which will be held in Moscow in the summer. We do not have time to get depressed and later think about how to come out of the descent. And we have no right to do this.

Suppose I caught the flu, but I have a baby at home who is also sick. What will I think about: my own illness or the baby’s? Obviously, I will do everything I can to make him get better.

And we are in the same situation! We are facing a more serious problem now, so can we really allow ourselves to get depressed? There is no time for that. Only two months are left to prepare! Afterward, time will become compressed even more and we have to prepare for this right now. Period!

But here you are, telling me that today you are experiencing some kind of depression, as if you’re in a fog. What are you talking about?! We don’t even have a moment to cool down. Right after the convention, as I was traveling from New York to Toronto, I already started thinking about the next one.

Our work is simple: to strengthen the connection between us until its inner content, our mutual bestowal to one another becomes identical to bestowal to the Creator, completely equivalent to it and equal to it in size and quality.
From the lesson on 4/8/11, “Preface to Ptiha”

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Environment In Place Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe cannot say anything about the Creator as such, but Kabbalists who attain Him say that “There is none else beside Him, who is good that does good” and that there is no change in His attitude towards us. In other words, they reach the attainment of the upper force which contains everything.

Hence, our entire path is the same. And today, when we don’t feel anything but our world, we need to understand that it is an instrument given to us now in order to attain. We feel the Creator even now but only according to our current organs of perception!

Our present perception is opposite to the authentic one since we don’t perceive the Creator as He is in His properties, even in the smallest degree, but rather we sense Him in an absolutely opposite way. And we can’t attain even this reverse side of Him.

In other words, the reality we see right now is the Creator indeed. And I myself, you, and the whole world is the Creator as well, but perceived in corrupted, broken organs of perception. When, however, we correct our desires, the organs of perception, then we discover the upper force, the Creator, more and more, until we uncover Him completely in His real form.

Besides the degree of “this world” that we receive as the initial state, we are unable to attain anything without achieving equivalence to the Creator, without equalizing our properties. The flawed vessel must correct itself by acquiring the form of the Creator and having come closer to Him.

The property of the Creator is bestowal and love. Hence, we are given an opportunity from Above to work in the group, and in our relationships reach equivalence with the Creator. The group must be perceived by everyone as the Creator in relation to oneself.

The attitude toward the friends should be treated as the attitude toward the Creator. And then, even though the Creator is concealed, we will be able to attain Him by His actions and continue approaching Him by placing before ourselves, instead of Him, the correct environment, one that yearns for the Creator.

Know that by deceiving the friend, you deceive the Creator; by treating the friend poorly, you treat the Creator likewise! This is the order of our work. Hence, when within the group evil and hatred unfold, this is the revelation of the broken state, and we understand that we are broken and opposite to the Creator.

Such a broken state, the hatred, is regarded as “this world.” And prior to that, there is just animate existence. The human degree begins with the revelation of hatred.

If a person realizes that he has to correct himself, the desires in which one begins perceiving the Creator, there is an opportunity to do it in the group, to attain the Creator by His actions: to start getting to know Him even more, feeling Him in the degree of being reformed.

We must constantly walk along this line where Israel (a person aimed directly to the Creator), the Torah (the Light that Reforms), and the Creator unify into one whole. A person adjusts himself to the group and in it reveals the Creator.

The group becomes one’s spiritual vessel for revealing the Creator. If a person relates to the friends with bestowal, he will discover the force of bestowal that fills his relations, which is regarded as the Creator. This is why the Creator is named Boreh, “come and see” (Bo and Reh), since He is attained through His actions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2011, Writings of Rabash

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A Place You Won’t Find On The Map

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe worldwide WE! Convention that was held in New Jersey was the first convention where we already felt that it doesn’t matter where we are. People felt the same thing no matter where they were.

And it wasn’t because we learned to do this in some way, but because we ascended above the net of our material, virtual connection, and through the virtuality that connects us, above it, we started feeling the spiritual net of connection.

Now we continue this convention further from the same degree that we attained. We attach all the difficulties and problems that become revealed to us to the same ascent. There cannot be an ascent without difficulties because it is always difficult to ascend, just like climbing up a mountain. That is why we are now revealing various problems, depression, confusion, various questions that demand to be resolved, and work among us that has to rise to a qualitatively new level.

We are about to have a large convention in Moscow, and before that two meetings with our groups in Italy and Spain. It is necessary to prepare for this convention. Otherwise, why have it at all? We have to develop a great, powerful desire and at the next convention to already see ourselves on a completely different qualitative level compared to the previous.

What we attained at the convention in America is good. But the next convention has to give us the sensation that we are in one place, rather than in different places in our sensation. This is our goal.

At the previous convention we sat by our computer screens, slightly ascending above this virtual connection. Almost all of us felt how in every corner of the world, at all the mirror conventions, people had the same feeling of joy and inspiration, and the same thoughts. But nevertheless, people felt that they were in different places—in Israel, in New Jersey, in Toronto, in Moscow, in Sao-Paulo, and other cities and countries, as if they were all together.

Now we have to attain the sensation that we aren’t located in different places, but in one spiritual space, where we are connected together. We have to turn off the “as if,” the virtual illusion, and attain the state of being all together. There are no boundaries or distances for sensations and this is what we have to achieve.

This is our goal at the next convention: We have to completely separate from the geographic locations and from the virtual connection. True, all of this does exist. But above all of this, we will very quickly attain the sensation that we are in one spiritual place, rather than in any material location. This is what we should attain at the next convention.

And now we have to work on this. If this is the goal we have placed before us, then we must form a common desire, the need to attain it. We have to talk about this, work in this direction, and maybe write several songs and organize several events and friends’ assemblies.

Everything has to be done for the sake of this goal: to be in one place, meaning in one desire, because “place” in spirituality means “desire.” This is already called “as one man with one heart.” This is what we have to reach, and it happens gradually, step by step, from one convention to the next. This is the goal.
From the lesson on 4/8/11, “Preface to Pticha”

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The Creator Is Known By His Actions

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists begin telling us about creation by saying that “before the creatures were created, the simple upper Light filled the whole existence” (beginning words of the ARI’s book, The Tree of Life). In other words, reality had already existed, which is the desire of the creature to feel pleasure that was filled with Light.

The plan of creation is to delight the created beings. And this gift that the Creator wishes to bestow can be accepted only by having met two conditions: the creature must become like the Creator and at the same be independent of Him.

The best state of existence is feeling the presence of the Creator. It is the greatest delight, and it must be felt regardless of anyone else. The created being must be completely autonomous and equal to the Creator.

Therefore, the upper force is concealed. At this moment we are surrounded by various radio waves, yet the only person aware of them is the one possessing a radio capable of receiving something that can be recreated within, in one’s properties. We are surrounded by white light, but we perceive it as blue, red, and all other colors. While the light itself has no color, the color is created by the one receiving it, absorbing only certain waves through one’s own prism.

Hence, light seems to us as yellow, blue, and red. Actually the reason for this is the glass which stops and reflects these waves that thereby seem as colors. But there are no shades in the light itself.

And in the same way we perceive the Creator. To the degree that we can equalize ourselves with Him, His property of bestowal, in each of our 613 desires, in that very desire and degree, we will perceive the Creator. So we gradually get to know Him in small portions.

In man, there are always 613 desires acting, which are the foundation of our perception. Yet, we can strengthen the power of this spiritual vessel, having risen on the 125 steps of equivalence to the Creator, until all of our 613 desires have become completely identical to Him. Thus we attain the Creator, and this is regarded as “know Him by His actions.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2011, Writings of Rabash

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Nullifying The Self In Order To Grow

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Material life tells me to be a leader, express myself, and achieve my goals. And in spirituality, I must dissolve myself in the group. What is behind this contradiction?

Answer: Connecting with the group doesn’t mean that you are annulling yourself. You only receive from the friends the force that helps you to cultivate your Self. As a drop of semen that attaches itself to the wall of the womb, you nullify yourself only in order to receive nourishment, forces for growth. But that is what grows and not something else.

I annul part of myself in order to receive the force of the upper Partzuf, but it still needn’t control me; on the contrary, with its help I must evolve, raise my Self. Otherwise, there will be no growth, and at the next stage, I won’t be able to hold on to the wall of the womb.

There are two opposites combined here. On one hand, I renounce myself before the mother so I don’t become a foreign body as cause for toxicity. On the other, by nullifying myself, I receive blood from the mother and grow thanks to that. It is my properties and genes that develop, to the extent that I can even be male although she is female.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2011, “The Freedom”

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