The Final Frontier

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can’t develop egoistically any further. Egoism has suddenly turned into our enemy. One may wonder: “How come? Let’s continue to develop technology, culture, and science, and travel to other planets. The quest for new frontiers can be endless.”

The problem is that the end goal, the purpose, and the thought of creation are different. Nature functions so that having reached the final egoistic state, we begin to suffer from our egoism unspeakably and don’t wish to evolve in it anymore.

In other words, we come to a certain crisis which tells us that egoism is finite. It’s the end of you, you’ve got nothing more to do. You wont’ be able to evolve inside it and be fulfilled; you won’t be able to reach a comfortable state in it. You will feel empty, finite, and transitory.

It’s a challenge in order to make us rise up to the next level—the level of the Creator, the upper Nature. It’s a threshold the world has reached today according to the predictions of all Kabbalists. Whether we like it or not, egoism will demonstrate to us its insignificance and inability to provide us with fulfillment; it will become a “help against us.” It won’t give us what we want either at home or at work; it will bring us neither health nor safety. Most importantly, it won’t help us answer the most pressing question: “What are you living for?”

Faced by that question, our entire “self” gets wiped away. It’s the most important, the most dramatic question which nullifies my very self, my pride, my existence, my essence: “Who I am and what I exist for?” A petty insect or an animal does not occupy themselves with it, they just live on and fill themselves fulfilling the program that runs inside them. I can’t do it, I am more miserable than them.

If not for the upper program of development, we would continue to exist as before. The United States with its consumer society and limitless capacities of Hollywood seemed entirely natural; humanity used to think that it’s our future and that nothing limits us. It turned that the end came very quickly and definitively.

That’s the fact we have to wake up to, that we can’t ignore: We are experiencing a global crisis, a crisis of our attitude to ourselves and Nature. It’s not temporary, there are no alternatives. We used to stir up revolutions and conduct social reforms; we tried to do something with ourselves and the environment, to change something to the better. Now we have nowhere to turn to. We feel that we don’t even have a desire to change anything.

That’s what the crisis is really about. On the other hand, however, it’s the level from which we begin our ascent into the upper world. Humanity, one social strata at a time, comes to that realization; it begins to feel it and little by little approaches the recognition of and transition to the next state.

Actually, we are the first to enter this state. Others will follow us, and we can see that with each passing day more and more people are beginning to at least understand the goal we are pursuing, and if not accepting it, at least considering it.

The problems of the world and our solution are coming closer, and it makes the solution more understandable; people lend their ears to it. And although the change requires tremendous inner revolution in one’s heart and mind so as to bring humanity to a new state, the process has developed quite rapidly over the past several years.

Humanity has never experienced such sharp turns as it does now. Kabbalah has entered the public domain only a decade ago, and look what has happened. Events are developing at a furious pace.

Still at least a few years may need to pass until we can address the world so it will listen.
From Lesson 2 Berlin Convention 1/28/2011

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  1. I beg you my friend, we must make this as clear and concise as possible. The ego litters this topic with mutations, extra hands and feet, turning it into a monster in outsider’s eyes. It has to be clean, and pure. Like a science, reduced to its fundamentals, and everything addressed. Please I beg you, we must do this, we have to keep developing it and its clarity. We will be destroyed if we lose their trust, we have to make sure our egos are not tricking us. We have to make this as pure and direct as possible. No confusion, no lies, only truth. Powerful loving truth travels to the core and creator within each person, and the awakening within them is felt. They will join us whole heartedly, if we speak to them with a whole heart, and pure mind. Blessings to you my dear friends.

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