Progress Is Like A Package Deal With Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe entire progress of humanity over the course of several thousand years is hurting nature and us. It is purposefully “wound up” in a way that brings us to the realization of our evil. By constantly concentrating everything in ourselves, we come to realize that all of this is not right, it does not work when it comes to exiting outside.

Then why did we need this entire historic development? Why do I need to come back to this world and suffer in it from generation to generation for thousands of years? After all, we have been in this world many times, we have lived this life many times. What for? In order to realize this final state? Was this the only way to bring us to disappointment? Or is there another possibility?

Actually, this is not the point. Everything we have experienced and gone through over the course of thousands of lifetimes in this world was necessary. Only now we begin to rise and come out of ourselves with this egoism and the experience of its bitter “groundwork.” We need a big “black hole” of egoism. It had to manifest with all our problems.

We have put so much hard work into trying to fulfill this egoism and the next day it would disappear, and once again we would have to pursue this life, its fulfillment, different values, and so on. However, all our actions are stored in an enormous egoistic memory, which we begin to gradually unravel in the opposite direction only at a later time. Then the efforts spent on fulfilling ourselves are turned back and help us to seemingly unwind outside of us the entire history we have been through.

It is impossible to simply begin a different, outwardly-directed altruistic development from the egoistic development. It is impossible to begin to perceive the spiritual world without preparation. This can only be realized after a person fully experiences his entire egoistic essence, completely discovers himself, completely realizes that he is inside this egoistic nature, that everything is inside him, he collects everything within.

At the same time, this sets the terms of our circulation. We do not impose Kabbalah on anyone; we only offer it to the people who already feel: “That is it, this is the end, I must come to the next level.” That is the only way. If a person is not ready for this, Kabbalah will not do anything for him. In this case, he must continue to exist in this world for some more time, in order to complete his entire egoistic “package.”
From Lesson 2 Berlin Convention 1/28/2011

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