A Dangerous Tilt

Dr. Michael LaitmanExcerpt from the talk at the 3rd World Spirit Forum “Cooperation in the Field of Consciousness,” Arosa (Switzerland), January 23, 2006:

All of nature’s forces except for human ego are in balance. All of them form a single system of nature’s forces and only man disturbs their harmony. Everything in nature is interconnected and aspires to equilibrium within itself and with the surrounding reality. The violation of similarity leads to the violation of equilibrium, beyond the limits of which the organism starts disintegrating. The possibility of restoring equilibrium is the condition of life.

Today mass media speaks about this a lot. Everything is based on the balance of forces. This is clear to us, but still we lack the full understanding of the greatness of our participation in this process. All of nature on all levels of development is in a very fragile state of balance. And man needs to realize that he is in breach of this balance. The unstable nature around us completely depends on us, and we are the only element in creation which is out of balance.

Man is in the middle of natural balance, and his fluctuations reflect on the whole of nature. Everything is automatically and instinctively balanced on the still, vegetative, and animate levels; this is how all of nature operates. And only man is under question. He is given freedom of will, and regrettably it is exercised egoistically; frightfully we are constantly “tilting” into the negative.

These faults accumulate over the course of thousands of years and we gradually take nature out of balance. Everyone speaks about this today: We are past the point of no return, and at this point there is nothing we can do with ecology, the contamination of the oceans of the world, the greenhouse effect, and so on. Briefly speaking, “relax, you do not have a choice.”

In reality this is not how things are. On the contrary, Kabbalah says that it is in our power. The current tilt was only caused by man. The problem is in realizing this. Even today there are many “intellectuals” who say that: “None of it matters; there are cyclical, recurring processes in nature.”

Obviously, we are not at an ecology conference, and we are not fighting for the protection of the environment. We must understand that all of this operates in a completely different manner. This way nature specifically teaches us to overcome the imbalance and turn the tendency in the opposite direction.

What for? To exist in a clean world? To be in our families with children? To have a calm and a long life? Absolutely not. We need to make the change for an entirely different reason. It is in order to begin to control ourselves, our influence on nature and thereby acquire the external perception of it, rise to the world of man: the spiritual, perfect, and eternal world.
From Lesson 2 Berlin Convention 1/28/2011

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  1. Please explain B’rashit 9:13 the Queshet and covenant “B’rit” and your kabbalistic
    interpretation of it to be made public.
    Thank you.

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