What Is Kabbalah?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is Kabbalah a method of the revelation of the Creator or the correction of man?

Answer: When a person comes to Kabbalah, he thinks that he will be able to reach the upper world by accumulating knowledge and acquiring power in the group. However, as years pass by, he begins to realize that everything depends only on how much he himself will change, and not those around him. Only then does he begin to study Kabbalah correctly.

That is, on one side, Kabbalah is the method of revelation of the Creator to man in this world, and on the other, it is a method of changing oneself to become like the Creator who reveals Himself to a person to the extent that the latter becomes similar to Him.

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  1. Having reached infinity as one’s rock, one can overcome variance of opinion by absorbing all information, ascending above it to greater things (victory)

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