The Light Of The Egoistic Desires

Dr. Michael Laitman“The Light of the egoistic desires (Klipot) is when we think that if only we had a million dollars, then we would be happy.”
– From the book The Point in the Heart

Question: It is written that Klipot tempt the souls. What does this actually mean in our sensations? What is the temptation?

Answer: The will to enjoy beckons us, “Go there! Do that! Earn more! Take it! Steal it! Succeed!” All this happens inside the egoistic Kelim or desires in a clear, simple form where the benefit is clear to every person.

This is the work of Klipot, and very great work indeed! It is necessary to understand that Klipot help us; they are help against our ego. Their work is blessed.

Since we are all in a broken state, what else can influence us? The Upper Light cannot affect us because there is a law of equivalence of form. I cannot hear or perceive the Light and it does not influence me. Its influence on me takes place from “behind the scenes” because the Light is present everywhere, but it influences me through an intermediary.

The practical influence on me that actually makes me move happens through Klipot. They are what I understand and have a connection with. Therefore, there is a system of impure worlds (Klipot), which is my uncorrected environment, in which I, too, exist in an uncorrected state. That’s why we understand each other: what’s worthwhile for me to do and what isn’t, why should I do something and for what purpose. It’s clear that I should earn more, make the whole world work for me, and use everyone. I understand the world and the world understands me, and we don’t have any problems. We cannot complain about anyone because we are the same and so is the whole world.

We are in a broken state that is detached from the Upper Light and is opposite to it. In this state the Light cannot influence us. All the actions that nevertheless help us to awaken and reach correction take place by virtue of the system of Klipot. So say “Thank you” to them! It is written that Pharaoh brought Israel closer to the Creator. This is his work. And he really does work very hard.

Would I move from my current place by the will of my mundane egoistic desire? I wouldn’t move at all! Even a grain of sand cannot be moved unless it is affected by a force. Moreover, in order to move a person from his place and in addition, to make him move not mechanically as an animal, but to awaken him to development, it is necessary to give him a great motivation or driving force. This is what the Klipa does, being a system that knows no rest.

Look at what it is doing to the whole world and how it brings everyone closer to correction! For the time being it is doing this work instead of holiness, the forces of bestowal. Holiness is unable to do this because we do not have any connection to it.

One exists against the other: The broken me is in a broken world, whereas the correct me reveals the corrected world. The world around me immediately changes to the degree of my correction or lack thereof.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/10, Beit Shaar HaKavanot

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