The Gene Of Separation And Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I know whether I am learning altruistically (Lishma, for Her Name) or egoistically (Lo Lishma, not for Her Name)?

Answer: It all depends on the goal that I am trying to achieve. If my goal is to annul myself before the group so I may receive from it the correct spiritual gene (Reshimo) and realize it, then this studying is correct.

With my point in the heart, I come into the group and become its part. In that case, the group plants in my “point in the heart” its own Reshimo. I didn’t have the kind of Reshimo that the group possesses. This Reshimo is new for me, from the previous connection and separation (breaking). If I agree with the opinion of the environment and place myself under its influence, I accept this Reshimo as primary. It becomes mine, and I raise it in the request to have it corrected.

It turns out that I act through my connection with the group and wish for this connection to come true. In other words, I correct the breaking of the collective soul and with my action draw the Upper Light since the breaking responds only to it. On my part, I raise the correct request (MAN, Mayin Nukvin or Female Waters) and receive the corresponding Light, the Light of correction (MAD, Mayin Duchin or Male Waters).

Therefore, if I act in the group and annul myself before the importance of the spiritual goal and connection that the group demonstrates to me, it means I advance correctly. No other criteria exist. I may know everything that is written in the books perfectly and work hard in the group and in Kabbalah circulation, but my spiritual advancement depends solely on the conscious correction of the connection between us. There is nothing else for us to do in this world.

Everything is evaluated only according to whether or not some movement toward unity occurred. There are people who have been studying Kabbalah for decades but don’t even think about unification. But if that is the case, a person should not be scorned; it simply means that he hasn’t ripened yet. Either way, he is advancing in some way, and it is better than doing nothing.

Yet, until a person has started to realize this point in the heart, he hasn’t stepped onto the spiritual path.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/17/10, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence”

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